outpost |ˈoutˌpōst|

Hiking Bloody Canyon with Pixel
Hiking Bloody Canyon with Pixel

  1. something regarded as an isolated or remote branch of something
  2. an outlying settlement, installation, position, etc.
  3. a limit or frontier

The Outpost is an idea I have been chasing my entire life. When I was four, I had a small bike with training wheels. My world was the block in front of my house–not across the street, nowhere beyond the corner. I always rode to the edge. I may have even crossed that street at one time.

When I was a teenager, I lined my walls with roadmaps. For every state and country that interested me, it was on the wall. I was always dreaming of some obscure place to go. Maybe it was the crossroads between two desert highways near the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. Maybe it was some obscure mountain range in the least densely populated county in Oregon.

Even now, when I have the opportunity to go backpacking, I like to stay far away from national parks filled with tourists wielding selfie sticks.

This mindset extends to my work with software. Take a look around; the focus continues to be on maps. I like to think about OpenStreetMap, but I like to take pieces of it away with me. Offline. On little servers that can be run by anyone, anywhere. On phones that go to the edges of Earth...

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