Angelcomb Peak

Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon, Canada

Perhaps the most majestic portion of the Dempster Highway is Tombstone Territorial Park. This section traverses the Ogilvie Mountains, providing views of jagged peaks.

I stopped here to practice flying over a larger area with steep topography. This rest stop was a good place to relax, eat breakfast, and take in the scenery.

We saw plenty of wildlife in Tombstone, including a Moose!

Coordinate System
NAD83(CSRS) / UTM zone 7N + CGVD2013(CGG2013) height
Lat / Lon
64.57588011Β°, -138.25175087Β°
1348.482 m
Photogrammetry Software
Pix4Dmatic 1.47.1