Eagle River

Dempster Highway, Yukon, Canada

Just a few miles from Eagle Plains, the Eagle River is a picturesque serpentine river with a nice bridge. There is a pull-off with a short track down to the waterfront. I was hoping to stay that night at the Eagle Plains Motel, but all of the rooms were booked. I recommend booking a room in advance, as that establishment is very busy during the summer months.

I attemped to fish at the Eagle River, but I did not catch anything. The water is pretty murky, so I wonder if there are grayling?

One woman who is partners with the owner of Eagle Plains was there with several dogs that you might see lounging around at Eagle Plains.


At this point on the Dempster Highway, you are getting very close to the Arctic Circle. Because it was close to summer solstice, at this location, it never becomes fully dark at night.


Coordinate System
NAD83(CSRS) / UTM zone 8N + CGVD2013(CGG2013) height
Lat / Lon
66.44300464Β°, -136.71467872Β°
338.028 m
Photogrammetry Software
Pix4Dmatic 1.47.1